my way into liking coffee ☕️

do you know how it smells when the coffee is ready in your cup and the scent floats through the room and gives you a feeling of happiness? i don’t. i never liked coffee that i could understand anyone who says they are nothing without it. this summer i worked one month in a company where you get coffee FOR FREE (who just screamed haha?). that was the moment when i said: ok jenny, now you have one month to like coffee. and i asked myself: will it work out? will i like it at the end of the month? will coffee finally be my friend?  ☕️  🙋🏽

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what i love most about summer ? BIKINIS. okay, i cannot complain about the sun shining on my face and refreshing my body in the pool or eating selfmade ice cream. but what i really wait for every year are the bikini trends for summer. i choose 9 out of my collection of uncountable bikinis. just kidding, i know how many i own…its…30…(or 40?). however haha.  it was really hard for me to choose so i thought i would just include the newest ones. that what actually really hard too but here is the result. enjoy my personal perfect summer breeze 👙 ☀️

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dear romeo

on monday i lost someone special. although he was so small he had a big place in my heart. for some he was just an animal but for me he was more than this. although i did not see him every day he was always there. and still is. right here in my heart. i really miss him. here is a very personal post about my gorgeous rabbit romeo who was just the best but died on monday after fighting for three days. 🐰 👼  💕
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tips to spread positivity ★*

being positive seems to be a trend right now and i really appreciate that. people often used to say how it is possible that i always see something good no matter how hard a situation is. for me this is natural. and i did not learn it i experienced it everywhere around me. especially my mum is the best example for a positive attitude. finding something good in every situation is not as hard as it looks like. in this post i wanna try to find 10 ways to spread your own positivity and have a happier life. 😊

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the lion mum

this is about a mum that never gave up on fighting for her kids, although so many said and still say it is not right. a mum that loves her kids more than she loves her life. a mum that fights every day just that her kids do not have to worry about anything. a mum that lost so many parts of herself but never ever let anything bad happen to her kids. and this mum is my mum. today by the age of 20 i know (actually i always knew), that all these people are wrong and i can be so thankful to have such a mum just like her. everyday i pray that one day i can be such a great lion mum. 👭 💝 🦁

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the flowers in my garden

Flowers don’t worry about how the’re going to bloom. They just open up and turn toward the light and that makes them beautiful. 
Jim Carrey

…and somehow we should be like flowers. just doing what we want and what is right for us. always finding a way to the light. and being beautiful just the way we are. it does not matter if a flower has five blossoms or only one. just by growing under sometimes very tough conditions makes them so special. and if you are willing to hear it, every flower will tell you a story.  here is the one of my  flowers 🌺  🌻  🌹  🌷  🌼  🌸

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