positive thinking is everything ∼


since i found out that pencils can draw when i touch a paper with them, i never gave them out of my hand again. half of my cupboards are full with pencils, watercolors, acrylic and brushes. drawing is my stress therapy. it takes me longer to draw a nice heading than i need for the rest of the text.  i would definitely draw more but i have the problem that when i start i don’t want to stop until it is finished – even when it takes 6 hours to draw a picture.

🍎 🍒 🍄  🌄 🐯 🐱 🌻 ⭐️ 🐤  🐝 🍀 🐸 🏡   🌈 🌍  🐠  🚙   🏝 💜 🦄  🌷 🌸  🎀 👄

my inspiration comes from everywhere. i am that person that looks to the ceiling in a shop and wonders why they use that kind of light. i know it makes no sense but just try it out and look, most of the times the ceilings don’t look as good as the rest of the shop.
i also love nature. when i am outside i talk to every flower i see just because i hope it makes it stay beautiful one day longer. and animals are perfect too. if i hadn’t found hannes i would totally be okay with a life where i live in a house together with nothing but about 100 cats. that would be really great. buuuut thank god hannes loves them too so i guess i will let him live together with me and my cats.

so what i would like to say is that my inspiration for this blog comes from myself and everything i see (like the ceilings). i find inspiration everywhere: in art, in buildings, in music, in nature, in people, in movies, in tv, in cooking, even in the smallest things…
and this blog will be about everything. when i try a recipe i will post it. when i have tips about how to survive life i will post them. when i take pictures i will show  some of them. when i travel i will tell you. when there is something in my mind i will write about that. so i don’t have a special type of blog. you cannot categorize it. and that is because you cannot categorize me either.

this blog is about me. totally about me. everything i am thinking of. everything i want to let you know. i hope you find something for yourself in my blog. it is a dream to me to be a person that inspires and helps other people.

adios for now,
love J  💕

ps: yes, i don’t use any large letters and i do that on purpose. it is because i like how it looks. it is not that i do not know how to write right. it is something like a trademark of myself.