animals and what you did not know about them ðŸ±

i loooove animals. from turtles to giraffes, from hamsters to butterflies, i love all of them (although spiders still scare the s*** out of me). some i would want as a pet, some i just find fascinating for how they look. as i had to give a presentation about wombats last year i found some cool facts on the internet that i did not know about. and i think i totally have to share it with you!!! so here are some facts about animals that you should really know about.

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2016 *skips page* 2017

oh my god 16 days into the new year and i  feel like i am still stuck in 2010. time passes by so fast i still need like 5 minutes to tell someone my age when they ask because it still feels like i am 18 (i am actually 20). has anyone the same problem?…. what a year to look back, although it was not really a year of big changes. it was more of a year of big growing. i grew a lot when it comes to my personality or my plans for my supercool future. and this is GREAT !!! what is not so great is that i did not reach all of my goals for 2016. buuuuuut i put them into the plans for 2017 and here we go 💃

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my way into liking coffee â˜•ï¸

do you know how it smells when the coffee is ready in your cup and the scent floats through the room and gives you a feeling of happiness? i don’t. i never liked coffee that i could understand anyone who says they are nothing without it. this summer i worked one month in a company where you get coffee FOR FREE (who just screamed haha?). that was the moment when i said: ok jenny, now you have one month to like coffee. and i asked myself: will it work out? will i like it at the end of the month? will coffee finally be my friend?  ☕️  🙋🏽

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dear romeo

on monday i lost someone special. although he was so small he had a big place in my heart. for some he was just an animal but for me he was more than this. although i did not see him every day he was always there. and still is. right here in my heart. i really miss him. here is a very personal post about my gorgeous rabbit romeo who was just the best but died on monday after fighting for three days. 🐰 👼  💕
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the lion mum

this is about a mum that never gave up on fighting for her kids, although so many said and still say it is not right. a mum that loves her kids more than she loves her life. a mum that fights every day just that her kids do not have to worry about anything. a mum that lost so many parts of herself but never ever let anything bad happen to her kids. and this mum is my mum. today by the age of 20 i know (actually i always knew), that all these people are wrong and i can be so thankful to have such a mum just like her. everyday i pray that one day i can be such a great lion mum. 👭 💝 🦁

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the dream of being english

🇺🇸   🇬🇧

since i found out how pretty english sounds when someone from england talks i literally fell in love with it. and not to miss out americans (or other english speaking countries like australia or ireland), it is the language that i love. some years ago i even decided that i want to let my kids grow up bilingual.

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