self-confidence and wrong foundation

some days ago i got an awesome makeup done by one of my closest friends (just look at the picture of the post). while friends and friendships change over time i had to find out that i am using the wrong foundation all along my successful and sometimes quite unsuccessful way of makeup-use. i have to admit that i was a little bit too sloppy to really go deep into all of my products. but as always i will just try to get better and with finding the right foundation i am one step closer to understand the art of makeup. 🎨

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what i love most about summer ? BIKINIS. okay, i cannot complain about the sun shining on my face and refreshing my body in the pool or eating selfmade ice cream. but what i really wait for every year are the bikini trends for summer. i choose 9 out of my collection of uncountable bikinis. just kidding, i know how many i own…its…30…(or 40?). however haha.  it was really hard for me to choose so i thought i would just include the newest ones. that what actually really hard too but here is the result. enjoy my personal perfect summer breeze 👙 ☀️

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