i know i am very VERY late for my may favorites but you all will understand that sometimes time flies by and i also got 1000 things to do this month. but i thought i will at least do a post about the favorites of the month, no matter what. may is actually MY month, it was my birthday, it is the time when the pool is ready to take the first jump into it and my cat’s birthday as well as mothers day. i love may for all the flowers that say their first hello for the year (especially poppies). and i bought some stuff that i want to show you. so here we go: my may favorites 👙🖍🚿 💅 👩🏽

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self-confidence and wrong foundation

some days ago i got an awesome makeup done by one of my closest friends (just look at the picture of the post). while friends and friendships change over time i had to find out that i am using the wrong foundation all along my successful and sometimes quite unsuccessful way of makeup-use. i have to admit that i was a little bit too sloppy to really go deep into all of my products. but as always i will just try to get better and with finding the right foundation i am one step closer to understand the art of makeup. 🎨

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banana spring cakes 🍌💐

i actually do not know if you can get “chocolate bananas” all over the world but if not you REALLY like REALLY REALLY miss something out!!! as i share this love with my mum and my boyfriend, i had to try something new to transform this tasty little pieces into some much bigger tasty pieces and i created the chocolate banana (spring) cakes.🍫 + 🍌 + muffin = the evidence of pure perfection. i love them! and this time i also tried something new!

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animals and what you did not know about them 🐱

i loooove animals. from turtles to giraffes, from hamsters to butterflies, i love all of them (although spiders still scare the s*** out of me). some i would want as a pet, some i just find fascinating for how they look. as i had to give a presentation about wombats last year i found some cool facts on the internet that i did not know about. and i think i totally have to share it with you!!! so here are some facts about animals that you should really know about.

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2016 *skips page* 2017

oh my god 16 days into the new year and i  feel like i am still stuck in 2010. time passes by so fast i still need like 5 minutes to tell someone my age when they ask because it still feels like i am 18 (i am actually 20). has anyone the same problem?…. what a year to look back, although it was not really a year of big changes. it was more of a year of big growing. i grew a lot when it comes to my personality or my plans for my supercool future. and this is GREAT !!! what is not so great is that i did not reach all of my goals for 2016. buuuuuut i put them into the plans for 2017 and here we go 💃

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tasty christmas-pumpkin cakes 🎄

i know that the pumpkin time is more than over but i saved some bits of the ones i got and create my famous pumpkin cupcakes when i have the time. every time i bake them the whole house smells like gingerbread and christmas love, how can you not want to try it by yourself ? in only 10 steps you can hold it in your hands. so here is the recipe. enjoy!

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