about me

i always wanted to be a vet until i realised that sometimes animals need to go to heaven to be saved. i really love to help others and often i forget about myself but that is not a problem for me. i am 20 but older in my head. when i was little i wanted to be Hannah Montana. i am still dreaming of becoming a fashion designer or having my own tv show but who knows what the future holds. my cat micky is my favorite human in this world and i have the best mum and the best boyfriend, and my brother and dad are supercool too. i am from austria which is a small country in europe that looks like a chicken foot (google it haha). flowers, bikinis and animals are my passions, and when i find a pencil i start to draw. my mind is open like the ocean is deep. i really love the sun and water, some call me mermaid when i swim.

thank you for reading my blog. if you need help or if you wanna talk, contact me. i will try my best to help! enjoy my posts, i hope they give you something.

all the love,

Jenny   💕

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