i know i am very VERY late for my may favorites but you all will understand that sometimes time flies by and i also got 1000 things to do this month. but i thought i will at least do a post about the favorites of the month, no matter what. may is actually MY month, it was my birthday, it is the time when the pool is ready to take the first jump into it and my cat’s birthday as well as mothers day. i love may for all the flowers that say their first hello for the year (especially poppies). and i bought some stuff that i want to show you. so here we go: my may favorites πŸ‘™πŸ–πŸšΏΒ πŸ’…Β πŸ‘©πŸ½

there will be a new category on my blog where you can find all my favorites i will post in the future. before i start with talking about my new stuff i want to say: Β i do not get anything for the post. i just bought it and wanted to show it to you, this is just for fun (as the rest on my blog is haha). so i hope you like it and find something new to test out. if yes, tell me about it!!!



my most favorite bikini of all time (i even posted a picture on instagram haha). i love yellow it is my color of the year!!! (even today i am wearing a yellow one-piece). the color shines when i am tanned and wearing it. the style of the bra is perfect because it is a neck-holder and makes your boobies look great! there are different colors for it (red, aqua and white) and they all look great! but for me the yellow one was my favorite so i totally had to buy it. Β you can also mix it with different briefs, i chose the simple one because i thought it would look best for me and i do not like these cut outs because they “squeeze” out the fat on my hips haha. it fits perfect and it feels so comfortable!

BRA:Β http://www.calvinklein.at/triangel-bikini-oberteil-intense-power-kw0kw00087701
BRIEFS:Β http://www.calvinklein.at/bikini-slip-intense-power-kw0kw00031701


what can give you a better feeling in summer than a coconut shampoo? nothing! i just love the smell of coconut, even my sun-milk and oil smell like it. and somehow my hair ( which is very very thin) feels lighter and softer. it is quite expensive for a shampoo but it is totally worth it. and is smells really good!!!



the SLEEK NORDIC SKIES palette sounds like winter but actually looks like summer. the light colors make my eyes shine and never look to much to a colorful summer outfit. and the shades match with every eye color i can think of. i love sleek palettes. they are quite cheap and stay perfect during the day. i currently own 5 of them and some matte liquid lipsticks that i can also totally recommend for you! #sleeklove



I FINALLY FOUND A FOUNDATION. yes guys, here it is. a foundation that matches my skin in summer. it is the LANCOME – TEINT IDOLE ULTRA WEAR 045 SABLE BEIGE. it is a little bit golden and sand colored, if i can tell that out of my makeup knowledge. and what is more: it smells so good. it also says 24 hours wear and comfort where i can only tell that the comfort is true because i usually do not wear my foundation for 24 hours. it stays the whole day for me and i do not have to refresh it. it also has SPF 15 which i find is great for summer (or basically always) so you have the support of your foundation that protects AND makes your skin look even. what is not so good is the price. but i always tell myself that i will have it for a quite long time and it is good for my skin. and what is good for my skin is good for my future skin and that is very important. so thumbs up for that luxurious Lancome piece in my makeup bag.



my most favorite nail polish this year is everything of Sally Hansen. it makes my nails look like fresh from a nail designer. you use the color you want and then put a top coat on it (that you have to buy once) that makes the nails look like gel nails. it dries quite fast and looks also without the gel very glossy. what is not so good is that when you put on 3 coats (i have to on my nails sometimes) it “breaks” or cracks after some days. you can put a layer of color and gel on and it will look perfect again. i don’t know if it is because of my nails or the polish but i guess it is the mix of both. for my mum it works perfectly so i just can tell what happens to my nails. all in all i will buy more and more colors. on this picture there is a white one, that is well covering for a white polish, which i think is totally worth a try. the price might be on the expensive side but it is okay for the product. and also there are more and more colors coming – *excited*



and last but not least – my new highlighter (no not the makeup stuff, the real ones) in PASTEL SHADES. just the right motivation for the exhausting may-and-june-exam-time. my printed study-stuff looks so much greater in all this colors, i am addicted!!! i take them with me to uni and to my boyfriend just in case i have to highlight something important. i even bought matching felt pens for the thin lines. pastellove forever ❀️


so those are my favorites of may. i cannot wait to tell you about my june favorites!

see you soon,

Jenny πŸ’•


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