self-confidence and wrong foundation

some days ago i got an awesome makeup done by one of my closest friends (just look at the picture of the post). while friends and friendships change over time i had to find out that i am using the wrong foundation all along my successful and sometimes quite unsuccessful way of makeup-use. i have to admit that i was a little bit too sloppy to really go deep into all of my products. but as always i will just try to get better and with finding the right foundation i am one step closer to understand the art of makeup. 🎨

before you think about all the stereotypes that come along with girls with (actually most of the times) great taste in makeup and colors, you have to first understand what the main reason behind applying makeup is. it is not something to hide behind. it is something to make you feel better, to give you a little kick for your self- confidence. when i put on a cherry pink lipstick i feel like no one can ruin my day at all. i feel like i am ready to master all the challenges life will put me trough on that day. if there suddenly would be a TV company to want me give an interview live on TV i would be totally ready to give them a YES. and this is what i love about it. i feel ready. it is a way to give myself more attention and to detect something new on myself. getting out of bed 10 minutes earlier to get that perfect wing with an eyeliner like on those advertisements is not a torture for me. it is fun and also sometimes really challenging. my whole look can change with every decision i make in the next step. and i love that i experience something new every day. i am happy that nici told me that i am using the wrong foundation. i always felt something looked wrong but i never saw that it was the foundation (i must have been blind haha). so my new task is: find a foundation that actually has the right undertone and matches my skin. i will tell you more about it as soon as i find it.

it was the first time someone created their work of art on my face and i totally got a new point of view. makeup is art. there might be some that misunderstand an eyeshadow palette as something to rub their face in. but there are also a lot of people out there that are true artists, like my friend nici. while she was “working” we were talking about colors and what we can do to my eyes. we chimed together. it was so much fun and i felt so good and actually attractive. i do not understand people that think girls with great makeup are dumb and do it for attention and because they do not like how the look without. NO. i do it to feel better, to emphasize myself and to show what i want to tell the world about me. and to feel more attractive. what is so bad about something that makes you look and feel more attractive? nothing! i felt so cool and special with that great eyeshadow masterpiece nici did to my eyes. and i cannot see something bad in that. sometimes it is a really surprising but also fascinating moment when i am finished and the colors seem to totally go with the rest of me – my clothes, my mood, my hair, my face, my goals for the day. i do have my days where i don’t wear makeup at all, especially when i am at home. but sometimes when i put on just a little bit of concealer and mascara it feels like a refresh. everyone should do to their face what they want. you can sometimes go with a little bit more and sometimes without anything at all. be what you want, do what you want. and don’t judge others that get a little bit out of control when they buy a new eyeshadow palette. or those that just like to look different every day. isn’t it great to find pleasure in something and also at the same time find out something new about yourself? isn’t everything good for you that fills you with curiosity, excitement and delight? that helps you extend your creativity and inspires you to try something new? yes it is. so go and show the world who you are and who you want to be.


Jenny 💕


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