animals and what you did not know about them 🐱

i loooove animals. from turtles to giraffes, from hamsters to butterflies, i love all of them (although spiders still scare the s*** out of me). some i would want as a pet, some i just find fascinating for how they look. as i had to give a presentation about wombats last year i found some cool facts on the internet that i did not know about. and i think i totally have to share it with you!!! so here are some facts about animals that you should really know about.

        1.WOMBAAAAATS 🐻


      despite the fact that these marsupials are super cute and nocturnal, they have some cool things to offer. one that i find the same time funny and intriguing is that their poop is square. yes. cube-shaped poop. they use it to mark their territory and the shape keeps it from rolling away. isn’t that genius ?
        2.CAAAAATS 🐱


      cats (especially their relatives) are my favorite animals. i find them so majestic and and cute but also smug and ignorant. but that is why i love them! what i did not know was that cats can meow in 100 different sounds (or actually make 100 different sounds). just think of that. it isn’t that unrealistic to say that one day cats can learn how to sing and make their own music. wouldn’t that be great? i would so buy their albums!!! maybe there is a superstar hidden inside your cat?
        3.ALPACAAAAAS (*imagine alpaca emoji here*)


      in december i cuddled one at the christmas fair and it was so fluffy and soft i would kill to have hair so soft like the fur of an alpaca. but what is more interesting about it is that the alpaca fiber is water and (technically) flame-resistant! what a great fact for alpacas that makes them even more cool. i cannot wait to cuddle one this december again!
        4.TUUUURTLES 🐢


      nothing is more relaxing than watching a turtle chew on its salad. when i was a kid we had 3 and it was always fun to carry them around. what i did not know about was that they can have favorite colors! they are visually oriented creatures, it helps them differ between their species, food and danger. It seems that they especially love red, orange and w. does this not make you love them even more?
        5.GIRAFFEEEEEES (still no emoji for giraffes ☹️ )


      i never touched a giraffe but that is so on my bucket list! they are not only the tallest but also the same time peacefullest animals that exist. what is more interesting is their sleep duration. giraffes sleep between 10 minutes (!!!) to two hours PER DAY. that is one of the shortest mammals sleep. they are definitely not my spirit animals haha.

so those were 5 animal facts that i find quite cool. i hope you like them and can stun your friends by telling them something they probably did not know.

i will try to post more in the next time. i was quite lazy and frustrated but i am back again and i will not give up! if you have anything you want me to write about or any questions, please do not hesitate to tell/ask me. i am always here for a good talk.

see you soon,
Jenny 💕


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