what i love most about summer ? BIKINIS. okay, i cannot complain about the sun shining on my face and refreshing my body in the pool or eating selfmade ice cream. but what i really wait for every year are the bikini trends for summer. i choose 9 out of my collection of uncountable bikinis. just kidding, i know how many i own…its…30…(or 40?). however haha.  it was really hard for me to choose so i thought i would just include the newest ones. that what actually really hard too but here is the result. enjoy my personal perfect summer breeze 👙 ☀️

my boyfriend always finds it so funny when i buy a new bikini because this could happen to be once in a week at the beginning of the season. so i actually start my summer with buying myself 3 to 5 new bikinis every year just because….i don’t really know why haha. my mom loves to buy herself new bikinis, i love it, she loves to buy me new bikinis, what could be better? i always think of how some people buy themselves new video games every month or go to the hairdresser every week. i spent my money on bikinis and i am not ashamed because i love it. and i love all of them which made it so hard to choose. i am sure everyone knows how it feels to choose your favorite things when you have to many of them (like in the morning when choosing what to wear)

i prefer strapless bikinis (or actually where you can put away the strap) so when tanning i don’t need to care about getting stripes or not. i know that sometimes the cleavage does not look good but i don’t mind that at all. this year was full of straps … at the back of the bikini bra as well as at the sides of the bottom. so i couldn’t resist to get one. it was also the year of cut outs that i really thought made a revolution in the bikini history.

and if you ask why i only took 9 and not made it 10…there are actually too many i would have chosen to be number 10 so i left it with 9. here we goooo.


super stylish color combination especially the neon colors look great. love at first sight. the bra makes your cleavage look perfect. I LOVE IT !


there was me in the shop falling in love with this one and then seeing it in vienna on a placard being worn my favorite fashion (bikini) model Adriana Lima. that was the time i know i made the right decision. and if you wonder how the cut outs look when tanned i can say: not as good as when you wear it so just keep it on haha.


who never really wanted to be a mermaid? with this one my dream came true. the fringes look so great. this one i bought somewhere in croatia in a no-name shop. such a jewel in my collection. (i also have it in green) when i feel confident enough i will show you how it looks like when it’s worn.


also from the same shop in croatia (i really need to visit it again haha). when i am tanned no one can nome between me and this bikini. (ah and i put the flower on it) the neon color is always and eye catcher as well as the leaves hanging down. have you ever seen something cooler than this? me neither.


not for tanning because you cannot open it at the back to get no stripes. BUT a totally stylish fashion item under knitwear or a sheer t-shirt. it is suitable for festivals (i tested it)


i saw it online, i went to the shop, i bought it. end of the story. i got many compliments on wearing this one. i love the colors, i love the shape, i love the straps, i love the bikini.


so called: POPPY MARSHMALLOW YELLOW, LILY BLUEBERRY BURST, POPPY PARADISE PALMS (from up to down). i put them together in one picture because they are such a special thing to me and the TRIANGL bikinis are just unbelievable great to wear. those are the jewels in bikini history and if i had the money i would buy them all. ALL!!!!

by far the most vulnerable ones in my collection. not because of their price but of how hard it was to get them. i bought myself 2 and the one on the top i got from my boyfriend. i love them and one day i WILL have them all ! they are so great to wear. the colors are as shining as on the picture. totally worth the effort. i even get happy when i think of them. ps: if you wanna get on my list of people i would give something when i win millions at lottery you can buy me this and i will think of it haha


see you soon,
Jenny 💕

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