dear romeo

on monday i lost someone special. although he was so small he had a big place in my heart. for some he was just an animal but for me he was more than this. although i did not see him every day he was always there. and still is. right here in my heart. i really miss him. here is a very personal post about my gorgeous rabbit romeo who was just the best but died on monday after fighting for three days. 🐰 👼  💕

the peaceful and happy life of the best rabbit in the world

i will write this like a letter to him. because there is something i wasn’t able to tell him anymore.


dear lovely romeo, my little angel,

nearly 8 years ago in 2009 (when i was 12) my brother, my mum and me went into the city to get something. christian and i decided to stop by at the pet-shop and mum let us go inside. and there we looked at the animals. all the colorful fishes, all the little hamsters. and then we saw you. you and your friend. two little black lumps in a cage. and from that moment on we fell in love. and after begging mum for 10 minutes she agreed and we were allowed to buy you and take you home. your friend was a little bit smaller and so cute. just as tall as a hand. so my brother said “i want this one. it’s so cute.”. and i did not mind having the other one. because the other one was you. and you were one of the best decisions in the world. oh romeo, you were so cute too. and i was happy having you because i always knew you were something special.


i (the creative one in the family as you know) was the lucky one to choose the names and i decided to find something cool. after the vet told us that you were a boy and the other one was a girl, i looked for names of great couples. famous ones like bonnie and clyde or chicken and nugget. but then i came up with romeo and juliet and this fit perfect. you liked your name, didn’t you? you were the calm one and juliet was so full of energy she always seemed to have enough to run around for hours. i remember when we started a race between you and her and you lost because you just had to clean your fur and that took you so long that juliet was in round three and you still on the starting point. you were beautiful, always. people admired your shiny and fluffy fur.  sadly some months after we bought you two juliet died. we still don’t know why. then we decided to castrate you because you were alone and the vet told us that you will be happier that way. do you remember that time? when you were with us all day long in the living room and in the evening in the bedroom hiding under the cupboards and always doing what you weren’t told (like nibbling the cables). but in february the next year my mum and brother went to a pet-shop again and there christian saw a rabbit and you got another friend, the love of your life. juliet II. you two were the cutest couple i have ever seen, humans should follow your example. you both were so happy everyone saw it. every girl fell in love with you, you were such a casanova. but in your mind was always your juliet. i know how much you loved her, how much you adored her. that is why it broke my heart when on 08.07.2015 she sadly closed her eyes forever. it was so sad how you searched for her for some days. but you were not alone romeo, we were always with you. and we love you.


oh romeo. always so lovely and giving kisses to every hand that touched you. you gave us so much love. i know that you had a happy life here on earth and i am glad that i chose you and you chose me.
sleep well little baby boy. we did not lost a pet, we lost a friend.
it hurts that i wasn’t with you when you died. i wasn’t able to say goodbye. i would give everything to go back and give you a kiss on your head. or smell your fur with a scent of hay. but i know that you can hear me. i know that you hear my thoughts. you are now with your juliet again, i am sure she missed you as much as you missed her. i hope you make cute little babies in heaven. have a great time up there. and if you want, we will see us again. you can always come back to me and i am sure that i will choose you again. over all i would choose you rombi.

we love and miss you. i love and miss you.
with all the love,

your best friend jenny



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