tips to spread positivity ★*

being positive seems to be a trend right now and i really appreciate that. people often used to say how it is possible that i always see something good no matter how hard a situation is. for me this is natural. and i did not learn it i experienced it everywhere around me. especially my mum is the best example for a positive attitude. finding something good in every situation is not as hard as it looks like. in this post i wanna try to find 10 ways to spread your own positivity and have a happier life. 😊

those are my TOP 10 tips:


1. PUT YOURSELF FIRST 💁🏽: you might sometimes think you are sad because of yourself but it is often not that way. how you do things for others can make you feel different. so, when it comes to “should i take an one-hour shower” or “should i help my brother with some stuff”: take that shower! this is a soft example for a situation but you can see what i mean. this is the formula why egoistic people seem to be happy. sometimes being a little bit egoistic does not hurt anybody, on the contrary, it makes you feel better. i know you want to make everyone happy but what price is that when you do not feel happy doing it at all. so if you are hard in making decisions always choose that one that makes you feel better. nobody will blame you for that, i promise.


2. DO NOT CARE TOO MUCH ABOUT WHAT OTHERS SAY: i read this quote like everywhere on the internet. and i know by myself how hard it is to stop overthinking about the things someone said to you. in school one girl said i have football feet and this seems to haunt me since back then. but when i think of that i say to myself: “hey you have football feet? go send cristiano ronaldo a message and kick some balls with him. just think of how many would love to have such muscles.” and this is it. there is no bad thing about being who you are. everyone has mistakes. it is just the way how you look on things someone said to you. and it comes to you when you have to decide if that makes you feel better or makes you feel worse. and i can tell, there is nothing in this world that can make you feel worse when someone says this to you. use it as an information you did not know others would see in you. use it as something you might work on to make yourself feel more comfortable. use it as a new thing you can be happy about.


3.LOVE YOURSELF: and this is the answer to everything. those girl/boy got 100 likes and you just got 10? who cares you cannot buy something from that. do not let likes make you feel less worth! those person seems to be perfect? i am pretty sure there is something perfect about you! and i swear to you, even Victoria Secret models are not perfect (although i am not 100% sure about that haha) others always seem to be better? that is not true. YOU are the best that happened  to you in your life and YOU are the one that should and will never give up on yourself. YOU ARE WORTH IT. you are worth your dreams, you are worth your passions, you are worth your mistakes. and everything together makes you how you are, it makes you unique. and worshipping other instead of yourself is a waste of your own personality. don’t give up on your dreams. it is NEVER too late. you can even marry a man/woman in your 50s and have the best years in your life others do not have their whole life through. love yourself, love your mistakes, live for the moment and appreciate your body and soul, i am sure there are people out there that are envious about something about you. be you and never give up.


4.GIVE IT A TRY: oh my good this new bikini is so cute? this bathers got your favorite color? you would love to wear it but you have problems showing your body? BUY IT. when you do not feel confident about yourself it is 100% about how you see yourself. do not give others the power to make you do not do things you love. wear that piece like a supermodel and show them how great your body looks even when it is not 90-60-90. your opinion is the most important in your life. and i know how bad you will feel not buying it when it is too late. if there is something out there that you always wanted to do, give it a try. there was a girl that wanted to ride horses so bad that the universe heard her prayers and after some time she got the possibility to fulfill her dream. when you really want it, do it. when you really want it you will get it, there is nothing that can stop you. there is nothing wrong about trying. most things look more difficult then they really are. not trying is just a bad excuse. you will feel better! what can give you a better feeling than making a dream come true all by yourself? how can you know if you would love it and if it would be your determination if you never even try?


5.APPRECIATE THE LITTLE THINGS: look around. where are you right now? it does not matter where, just by looking close enough you will find something that makes you happy. that picture in your room with your best friends at this weekend trip, the flower that meets 100 bees every day and looks so pretty, that outfit you wear because you like the colors, the sky that shows its endless space, that last thing you bought just because it makes you happy. all the things around you are there for some reason. and some of them you choose to put there for some reason. appreciate it. it will make you feel happy. and it will make you help appreciate yourself too.


6.FIND BEAUTY, FIND ART: you have curves? you do not have abs? you are very thin? how beautiful! beauty is everywhere. just because society lets us feel that beauty has some standards it does not mean it is that way. beauty is individual. my dad and mum used to say “tastes and kicks in the ass are different”. and your favorite taste must be you. you are art. everything is art. it is always how you look at it. you are the king/queen in being yourself. beauty is not only being thin, sporty and pretty. beauty is being yourself and feeling good about yourself. you are beautiful so find yourself beautiful.


7.SEE THE GOOD: every loss is a lesson. every person in your life that leaves it taught you something. without meeting them you would not have experienced that, you would not have become who you are. sometimes losing them is not always bad. try to learn from it. you soiled your favorite outfit? i bet there is one in your wardrobe that waits to be worn by you. you failed that test? grades do not define how smart you are. just try again that is not something you need to worry about. your phone fell into water? that is shocking at first but phones are just stuff and nothing that cannot be replaced. sure there are some thing that make you worry. there is something you are scared of and some things that are unfair. just never give up. appreciate what you have, that you are healthy, that you have a home. it does not matter what, just appreciate it. it will make you feel satisfied. there is always a good side of everything that happens you just have to look close and sometimes turing it around helps too.


8.LET COLORS IN: everyone got a favorite color. it does not matter if it is black or yellow. it gives you a feeling that comforts you. but sometimes if you are very “economical” with the colors that fill your wardrobe buying something in a happy color will bring you happiness. i for example love every color. often it is very hard for me to decide which one is my favorite. my boyfriend bought me a polaroid camera for birthday and guess what color it is? light yellow. i have never seen such a pretty yellow. i for myself probably would have never bought the yellow one. but now i am pretty happy that is has that color. so what i wanna say is that you do not need to change your style to let colors in. just paint your nails orange, buy a green towel, wear underwear in every color or just eat an ice cream that is colorful. colors make you happy, let them in your life.


9.DO WHAT IS GOOD FOR YOU: oh i tried dieting like 500 times, quite as often as i tried to write a diary. but i never really worked out. do you know why? just because i cannot resist and this is nothing to worry about. being healthy is important and that means that eating healthy is important to. but important does not mean that is not allowed to eat ice cream. that it is not allowed to eat a piece of cake at the birthday party. you need to feel good about yourself. and if you think you need to loose weight, try it. but it does not have to be a torture. there are small ways that make you feel better, that make you lose weight. just by trying to eat less sugar you can lose weight. try to limit yourself when it helps you feel better. but do not make yourself feel worse just that you think you feel better afterwards. change needs time, give yourself that time. there is no need to hurry it will be how you want it one day. if you like the sea but there is none around you, just go swimming and imagine being there. do what is good and it will make you feel good. doing it is way better than the regret when you do not do it.


10.LIVE: and this is the most important. L.I.V.E. live your live, do it for you, make yourself the perfect you and find the good things. being positive does not mean that you have to see everything positive it means that you can handle situations that are bad and get something positive out of it.


i hope this makes you feel better. just try one of them and you will be happier. if you are happy, the people around you are happy. always surround yourself with happy, positive people (like me). or just watch a youtube fail video it will make you happy too.

Happiness to all of you,

Jenny 💕


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