the flowers in my garden

Flowers don’t worry about how the’re going to bloom. They just open up and turn toward the light and that makes them beautiful. 
Jim Carrey

…and somehow we should be like flowers. just doing what we want and what is right for us. always finding a way to the light. and being beautiful just the way we are. it does not matter if a flower has five blossoms or only one. just by growing under sometimes very tough conditions makes them so special. and if you are willing to hear it, every flower will tell you a story.  here is the one of my  flowers 🌺  🌻  🌹  🌷  🌼  🌸

this post is about the flowers in my garden. i made pictures in the last few months since the beginning of my favorite season spring. sadly i did not know all of their names but i googled them for you.
everyone of them has its own beauty. and i think in some way it is calming to look at them. being so colorful and beautiful. there is nothing more to say about it. i really love flowers and although some might think it is strange i will never ever stop to wait for them to bloom and  appreciate them for every day they bloom for me to photograph them. and i will never stop to take pictures of them. (although i have like 500 on my camera haha)

….so just look and enjoy…

candytuft / schleifenblume
spring snowflake / frühlingsknotenblume
cherry tree (got it for my 18th birthday)

– there are always flowers for those who want to see them –

apple tree
white narcissus
another white narcissus

– be the flower that gives its fragrance to even the hand that crushes it –

narcissus bridal crown
forsythia / goldflieder
kerria / ranunkelstrauch

– the flower does not wait for the bee. it blooms and the bee comes –


– the earth laughs in flowers – 

tulip (after rain)

– let live do to you what the spring does to flowers – 

magnolia tree I
magnolia tree II
purple magnolia

– bloom where you are planted –

moss phlox / polster phlox
cape daisy / kapkörbchen
moss phlox / polster phlox


– if we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change –

lilac (it smells sooo good) / flieder
moss phlox / polster phlox
forget me not


for the last one i have a story for you: once i was told  that the forget me not got it’s name for a special reason. a very long time ago, let’s say in the middle east, a couple streaked through a field of flowers. during this the man picked some of them and told his lady how much he loved her. they kissed and enjoyed their walk. then they came to a river, but there was no bridge to cross it. it was not too deep so they were able to walk through it. when they were at the deepest spot, the man slipped and fell into the water. he could not swim and so did her. so he was not able to save himself and the last thing he did was throwing the flowers to his lady with the words “forget me not”.
isn’t that a really tragic but also beautiful story? i really really like it although i still not know if it really happened. but for me it did so i will never stop telling the story to those who want to hear it.  such stories give flowers a huge power and individuality no matter if they are very small like the forget me not.

i hope you enjoyed it. and i hope it made your day a little bit brighter 💐  (like it did for me because it is raining here in my hometown right now) and i hope you liked the colors and the beauty.
see you next time!

bye, J 💕


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