the dream of being english

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since i found out how pretty english sounds when someone from england talks i literally fell in love with it. and not to miss out americans (or other english speaking countries like australia or ireland), it is the language that i love. some years ago i even decided that i want to let my kids grow up bilingual.

for me english is the language of the world. everyone should be able to speak english. in times of globalization a world language would just make everything easier. and would also cover all the differences that still exist in politics because translation in all the other languages takes so much time. it would make it easier to communicate between the different political heads. but i guess this idea does exist and one day it will be that way.

i like the british accent the most, then comes the american or as i say the “netflix english” because american is like the english you hear the most in non english speaking countries. some might roll their eyes now but 6 years ago i fell in love with one direction and this helped me so much in getting better in english – and made me fall in love with the language too. i like to listen to youtubers like zoella or tyler oakley, just because that helps me practicing my english skills and i get more comfortable with it. i understand nearly everything and i am able to sing to english songs after i heard it only once. this is something my mum always says to me, she says “i find it so remarkable how you understand english so well. is there a song you do not know the lyrics?” and that is something i am proud of. it was always natural for me to do that. i am obviously not the only one. but in my family and my clique i am. for me english itself is the “thing” i love and i once thought of moving to england for university just so i am one step closer to speak it fluently. and that is my dream. i want to speak english like it was my second mother tongue. like i grew up with it. so good, that i not only understand everything but also everyone thinks that i am sort of a part of the “perfect english speaking” world. i don’t know why i have this love, but i guess there are some people out there that understand my love for a language.

i am proud that i can speak german fluently. it is not that i do not appreciate that language too (even more when i hear how hard it is to learn it). in austria we have a lot of different accents. i guess this applies also to the USA or england, but in austria we have nine states and every part has a different accent. carinthia (my state) has like the most chilled accent in austria. we leave out letters, just because you don’t need all of them. we talk slowly (not everyone) and not everyone understands us all the time. i often hear “omg you are from carinthia your accent is soooo cute” and i am like “what is cute about that? we just leave out letters”. but i also understand them in some way because for me people from tyrol speak so cute they put everywhere an “isch” at the and and that makes it sound so like…like a puppy, you know? i don’t know how to say, it just sounds so super cute. carinthia is in the south of austria (just google it if you wanna know exactly). vienna is 4 hours away. and the more you make for vienna, the more they speak standard german. to make it easier to explain i will show you an example.  in standard german the easy sentence “i go home now” would be “ich gehe jetzt heim”. that is how they kind of say it in vienna. we here in the south say “i geh jetz ham” and as you can see this is shorter than in standard german. and has more chill when you speak it out loud. but these differences probably apply on every language, also english.

my mum was once in australia and said that there it is so hard to understand the people because they sometimes have so strange accents. i would really love to experience that by myself. in school we made a trip to ireland, dublin, and for me it felt like i was home. i love the nature there, the energy, it is such a positive and pure country. the air is so fresh and the green of the grass is such a beautiful green. it was such a great feeling when everyone you met spoke english with you and you were able to understand and start a conversation with them. the irish accent sounds so cute as well, i would compare it as a mix of the tyrol and the styria german accents, but used for the english language. i really really loved it there and i cannot wait to visit it again and then england and america und australia and every other part in the world.

the beautiful ireland

english also does not have this annoying problem with commas. we use so many commas in german that is sometimes looks strange when you see a different language. but you really need that commas sometimes. it is just strange that in german missing out a comma is a mistake and if you missed out a lot of commas it can change your mark from an A to an B. okay, sometimes not using a comma can destroy (yes destroy) the meaning of a sentence. but i think some teacher sometimes should just chill and better tell those people how to do it right than just giving them a bad grade. and you also do not have the problem with case sensitivity and with the “causes” where we have four in grammar but that is too long to explain it here. if you want to know something about it ask me. i will probably write one post in german one day.

this blog will help me get better in english. (which was another reason why i created it and decided that i want to write in english) i was never “bad” in it, but you can always get better and i am still not there where i want to be. i am just at the beginning. and i hope i will get better until i will be able to speak english in front of a camera and have no doubts about it.

i hope you have a passion for something too. i hope that one day i find someone that has one for german and does not gets angry or frightened because they had to learn it in school.

see you next time, J 💕



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